Our Story

Humble beginnings

In 1994, our father took a leap of faith and bought a piece of land in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Having experimented with many small side hustles (always including plants), he decided to establish a pecan orchard. 

 While practising full-time as a medical doctor in a rural town 10 hours drive from the farm, he would commit after his shift on some Friday’s, to drive through to the farm ensuring progress goes accordingly.

 As with any new business, there were challenges and obstacles that seemed to pop up more frequently than weeds,  but with our parents being a formidable team by raising four children, managing a medical practice and a newly established farm, we couldn’t be more proud of the perseverance, faith and never-give-up attitude that is portrayed through our now 28-year-old Pecan orchards. 

Today, we are excited to share with you our quality homegrown pecans and pecan products from humble beginnings that all started with an idea and a passion for farming and nature.